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What Is A Pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy may be required if your child has a tooth infection in one of their baby teeth. Tooth infections can happen if a baby tooth has a deep cavity that goes untreated, or if your child breaks or cracks one of their baby teeth accidentally. When this happens, bacteria can enter the inside of the tooth, which is filled with the nerves and blood vessels that keep your child’s tooth alive.

In a pulpotomy, Dr. Kemia Zeinali will open up your little one’s tooth, remove the infection, and then seal up the tooth. With a pulpotomy, you can save your child’s baby tooth and eliminate their tooth infection. Is your child complaining of a toothache? Contact Dreamhouse Dental for a consultation in Bell Gardens today, and see if they need a pulpotomy.
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The Pulpotomy Procedure

Initial preparation

First, Dr. Zeinali will clean the treatment area, then numb your child’s mouth to keep them comfortable. With our gentle approach to dentistry, your child can relax and get the care they need without stress and anxiety.

Opening up the tooth

Next, Dr. Zeinali will create an opening in your child’s tooth. Through this opening, she will extract any infected pulp and tooth material. Then, she will flush the tooth to sanitize it, and apply a medication that will help the remaining pulp heal properly.

Tooth restoration

As the last step, Dr. Zeinali will seal your child’s tooth, then apply a temporary filling or a stainless steel dental crown. This dental restoration will protect your child’s tooth from further damage, and allow them to smile, chew, and bite without pain or discomfort.

The Benefits Of

Eliminate Pain And Discomfort

First and foremost, a pulpotomy eliminates the pain and discomfort of an infected tooth. If your child’s tooth is infected, chances are that it’s causing them a lot of pain. Tooth infections can make it impossible for your child to play, go to school, or live their day-to-day life normally. With a pulpotomy, you can eliminate their pain and discomfort, and your child can get back to their normal routine.

Save Your Child’s Tooth

If you don’t get a pulpotomy to treat your child’s infected tooth, the infection will only continue to get worse. Eventually, the tooth infection could completely destroy their tooth, and the tooth may fall out or require extraction But with a pulpotomy from Dr. Zeinali at Dreamhouse Dental, you can restore your child’s baby tooth and keep it healthy until it falls out naturally, and is replaced by an adult tooth.

Save Time And Money

If you don’t get treatment in time, your child’s baby tooth must be extracted. Then, a space maintainer must usually be placed in the area. Space maintainers help maintain the proper gaps between your child’s teeth, and are important to ensure that their adult teeth emerge properly.

But if you get a pulpotomy in time and save your child’s baby tooth, these procedures are not necessary. You can save time and money, and you and your child can both benefit from a faster and simpler treatment process.

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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Stop by and say hi! 👋
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Stop by and say hi! 👋
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Stop by and say hi! 👋