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February 20, 2024

When Is A Pulpotomy Necessary?

Understanding when a pulpotomy is necessary can help you make informed decisions about your child's oral health.
January 24, 2024

How Often Should My Child Have a Dental Checkup?

Regular dental checkups are crucial for children.
February 14, 2024

Does my child need a filling or a crown?

One common question that many parents have is whether their child needs a filling or a crown. In this blog post, we'll explore this topic to help you make the best decision for your child's oral health.
November 27, 2023

What are the Most Common Emergencies in Pediatric Dentistry?

We are on your side with this comprehensive guide on the most common emergencies that children may experience and provide our best recommendations on how to handle them.
November 3, 2023

Should I Take My Child to the ER for Tooth Infections?

While it's always important to prioritize your child's health, understanding when an ER visit is necessary can save you time, money, and unnecessary stress.
October 13, 2023

Can My Child Eat After Stainless Steel Crown Placement?

But how soon can your little one eat after getting stainless steel crowns and what should they eat? Keep reading to find out.
September 7, 2023

Why Would My Child Need A Stainless Steel Crown?

Dental crowns are an important part of restorative dentistry. If a tooth is badly chipped, or cracked, or dealing with a large cavity, crowns can be used to restore it and prevent an extraction.
June 27, 2023

When Do Baby Teeth Come In?

Your baby’s first teeth are a huge milestone you're likely looking forward to - and anxious about.When exactly are they supposed to grow in? What can you do to make sure your child develops a happy and healthy smile? 
April 26, 2023

Understanding the Teething Process and Timeline for Babies and Toddlers

In this article, we explain the timeline of teething and common symptoms to watch for, as well as tips on how to soothe your child's discomfort during this developmental stage. Read on to learn more about teething and how to support your little one through this important milestone.
March 1, 2023

When Should My Baby Visit the Dentist for the First Time?

At Dreamhouse Dental, we aim to make your baby’s first trip to the dentist comfortable and fun so your child can have a great experience.
December 22, 2022

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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Stop by and say hi! 👋
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Stop by and say hi! 👋
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Stop by and say hi! 👋
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Stop by and say hi! 👋